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It's not just the Holidays, It's all Year-Round!

About Aunt Pearlie’s

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Every year around the holidays, our restaurants were flooded with special orders for large pans of our famous dressing. Although we loved sharing our recipes with the masses, the holiday season was quite a monumental task for our cooks. And so, the idea to prepare and freeze the pans ahead of time was born.

Before long, local stores were looking to sell our dressing for Thanksgiving, and we were more than happy to oblige. The pans of dressing flew off the shelves, and the grocers were soon requesting more. As word got around about our delicious products, we brought in a local distributor to help share our recipes with families in the Southeast.

Our sales continued to boom in the 1990s, and our restaurants could no longer handle all the orders. Therefore, we formed Aunt Pearlie's Food Products, Inc. to coordinate the production, distribution, and marketing of our products. Today, we are proud to have distributors offering our products all across the Southeastern United States.